About Irish Whiskey Experiences

Welcome to Irish Whiskey Experiences, your gateway to a world of unparalleled whiskey discovery on the enchanting island of Ireland. We are a dedicated team of whiskey enthusiasts and travel aficionados, passionate about sharing the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Irish whiskey with the world. Our company offers exclusive, behind-the-scenes journeys that go beyond the ordinary, providing bespoke trips and adventures meticulously crafted to immerse you in the heart and soul of Ireland’s liquid gold.

At Irish Whiskey Experiences, we believe that whiskey is more than just a drink; it’s a journey that connects people, places, and history. Our expertly curated tours take you on a captivating exploration of distilleries, where you’ll meet the master distillers and learn about the intricate art of whiskey-making. We guide you through picturesque landscapes and historic landmarks, unveiling the stories that have shaped the spirit of Ireland. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, our mission is to introduce you to the authentic essence of Irish whiskey like never before, leaving you with cherished memories and a profound appreciation for this treasured tradition. Join us, and let’s raise a glass to unforgettable experiences and the world of Irish whiskey!

Barry Chandler

Barry Chandler

With no knowledge whatsoever of Irish Whiskey, I hosted an Irish whiskey tasting in 2016 Columbus, Ohio, where I was living at the time to raise money for a local cancer research charity & hospital. With the helping hand of Google & a decent dose of Irish blarney I managed to entertain & somewhat educate. It also raised money which is the most important goal!

Researching the whiskeys got me interested in the people & places behind the whiskey & the more I researched the more I fell in love with the Irish whiskey category & its rich history. I hosted another tasting the next week & then another & I was hooked!

I started a podcast to tell the stories behind Irish whiskey & started to grow a community of Irish whiskey fans across the United States called Stories & Sips. Today, that has turned into an Irish Whiskey club with our own exclusive Club whiskey releases, tasting events, online & in-person meetups & a growing online resource of interviews, behind the scenes tours & educational material to allow those interested to dive even deeper into the world of Irish whiskey.

In the seven short years that I’ve been involved with Irish Whiskey I’ve made more friends, met more people and had more fun than in my entire life up to that point! Whether it’s on the production, pouring or promoting side of Irish whiskey, the industry seems to attract keep some of the kindest and most helpful people anywhere. I feel it a privilege to work amongst them while doing my best to showcase Ireland’s great whiskeys.

Lauren McMullan

Lauren McMullan

My journey started in 2014 at the ripe old age of 19, when I began working in the Old Bushmills Distillery as a tour guide – initially to keep up my French & Spanish speaking skills throughout summer when I wasn’t at university.

Despite being born & raised 20 minutes from the distillery, I had zero knowledge about whiskey. Yet after several weeks of learning & listening to a multitude of stories about the distillery, I was completely captivated by the history, the craftsmanship & the passion of the people who worked there, which ultimately was the catalyst for my career.

I went on to become Ireland Ambassador for Bushmills, educating bartenders & consumers alike. After almost 10 years in total working with the brand, I’m now excited to continue my career with Irish Whiskey Experiences & create incredible moments centred around the people & stories that made me fall in love with this industry in the first place!

Ultimately what drives & excites me the most is the history & stories behind the brands, and the passion with which these stories are passed down through generations.

An apprentice cooper perfects his craft under the watchful eye & wise words from a Master Cooper, the same way an ambassador listens intently to a masterclass from a Blender as they talk through the intricacies of a whiskey.

These stories connect the present with the past, the successes, failures & skills from decades gone by, creating a sense of heritage & tradition that elevates Irish Whiskey beyond the liquid that’s in your glass. Stories are the invisible strings that connect the masters in the industry to the enthusiasts. The more people who can learn & engage with the people & places that are the very fabric of each Irish whiskey brand, the better.

Anthony Sheehy

Anthony Sheehy

My career with whiskey began with the idea for Irish Whiskey Auctions on Sunday 21st January 2018. We had bought a bottle of Slieve Na gCloc whiskey from an auction site in Germany for my wife Katie’s Dad for Christmas 2017 & it was seized by revenue/customs on import.

I thought what a shame that there was not an auction platform in Ireland instead of sourcing from international platforms. We then set about creating Irish Whiskey Auctions & held our first auction on 12th October 2018. This October, we turn 5 years old. Prior to that I was a private collector & a fan of Irish Whiskey.

There are several things which inspire me within the industry.
The people that you get to know over the years in the whiskey community some of which are now good friends. 
The business potential from the whiskey industry, all the many peripheral jobs that can also be created from the relatively simple process of distilling Irish whiskey. 
The enjoyment of sitting drinking a glass of Irish whiskey with friends, the conversation points, exploring the taste & the removal of barriers whether they are language, cultural or philosophical, it all fades when you share a drink of whiskey.